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I’ve spent 2 and a half months in London towards the end of last year. I’m not a great fan of those humongous cities, but all in all I’ve had pretty good time. Unfortunately the industry seemed to be a little bit on hold, when it comes to hiring new people, so I’ve decided to […]

Splash 2012

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Splash 2012

There are not many occasions where you get to meet friends, have a drink and a good chat and call it a business trip without knowing that you’re lying to yourself once again. Splash conference in Prague (formerly called Maxcon), which took place on 8.-9. September, falls into this category indeed. Two day of talks […]

Let’s try this again

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Last 2 years have been crazy! That’s pretty much the only way to summarize them and it hopefully explains why this my website and blog were quite dead. I simply did not have time to keep it updated. However, I’ll give it another go and try to keep it reasonably up to date, with any professional activities I run into.

Mongrel Rig demo

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Finally I can post a rig demo of my latest character. It’s still missing a few features I have on the list, especially on the deformations side so I’ll keep updating it if I find time to polish it properly. Facial rig is quite limited, as I wasn’t planning on doing any kind of proper […]

Mongrel pose test

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I’ve made some quick test poses so see how the rig holds up in different situations. Below is the video with their turnarounds. If you can’t see the video, please switch to a newer browser i.e. Safari, Chrome…

FMX 2011 report

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On saturday, I’ve returned from FMX 2011 (16th Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Interactive Media) in Stuttgart, Germany, where I went to promote the course I’m currently studying at University of Glamorgan. Luckily there was 5 of us, so we were able to take turns in the booth and still see most of the […]

Mongrel Walk Cycle

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I haven’t found enough time to do any proper animation with this fella, but I’ve made a quick walk cycle, to test out the rig in animation. It’s quite rough (arms and legs popping) but the rig holds up quite well. A few little problems, that are easily fixable, but nothing major. I’ll try to […]

Night shooting

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I’ve finally finished rigging on my Mongrel character. There are still pieces missing here and there, like interface and a few scripts, but in overall it’s animatable. I want to start animating him, so I went out and took some footage in the Night cardiff which to give him some place to run around. I […]

I’m going to FMX 2011

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If you are involved in a visual effects production, Stuttgart in Germany is certainly a place to be from 3. to 6. May 2011. The reason is FMX 2011 – 16th Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Interactive Media. I’ve been planning to attend last years FMX (and the one before that), but I was […]

Mongrel Muscles

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A few screenshots from the Muscle setup I’ve prepared for Mongrel. I’ve taken a bit of “artistic licence” when setting them up so not all of them necessarily anatomically correct. Firstly because Mongrel’s anatomy is a hybrid of different species and also simply to better serve the skinning purpose. I’ve used Maya Muscle Creator which […]