Let’s try this again

Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Blog

Last 2 years have been crazy! That’s pretty much the only way to summarize them and it hopefully explains why this my website and blog were quite dead. I simply did not have time to keep it updated. However, I’ll give it another go and try to keep it reasonably up to date, with any professional activities I run into.

So what happened since the last post…

I graduated from my Undergraduate course with First Class Honours in Computer Animation. After that I changed the place and spent a year at Bournemouth University (National Centre for Computer Animation) where I finished MA Digital Effects with Distinction.

Between that I managed to fit in some work for Red Wire VFX in Cardiff working on new TV show Ha Ha Hairies (Cartoonio/S4C/Adastra Creative). I had great time there as the team was simply brilliant, but I gotta say, that trying to create, light and render such amounts of hair (we’re talking about trees, chairs, roofs, characters, plants…) within TV show budgets was an interesting challenge to say the least.