Mongrel Rig demo

Posted by on May 25, 2011 in Blog

Finally I can post a rig demo of my latest character. It’s still missing a few features I have on the list, especially on the deformations side so I’ll keep updating it if I find time to polish it properly. Facial rig is quite limited, as I wasn’t planning on doing any kind of proper facial animation with him. But it serves pretty well anyway.

So far, the main features are:

Broken Hierarchy IK/FK spine
Local/global switches on Arms, Head and Tail
Non-flip IKs on the legs.
Custom Spring-like IK solution with overrides for the legs.
Automated IK/FK snapping on legs and arms.
IK/FK shoulders.
Blendable dynamic tail.
Muscle system (maya cMuscles).

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