Night shooting

Posted by on Apr 12, 2011 in Blog

I’ve finally finished rigging on my Mongrel character. There are still pieces missing here and there, like interface and a few scripts, but in overall it’s animatable.

I want to start animating him, so I went out and took some footage in the Night cardiff which to give him some place to run around. I don’t have time for camera tracking now and I didn’t have any markers with me anyway, so I only made still plates, which are going to be easy to camera-match directly in maya. I’ve also took mirror ball photos to make HDRIs for lighting. It is quite possible I’ll have to relight it manually as it is a night scene, but this will at least give me base for light positioning. Note on the side: don’t buy cheap garden mirror ball for this purpose. They have reflective, but uneven surface and give a lot of light streaks from light sources. It is practically impossible to get a clean reflection of any light at all. After some cleanup it will be usable though.

Hopefully It will go pretty fast from now on. If I find time outside of the work of course 😉

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