Posted by on Jan 29, 2013 in Blog

I’ve spent 2 and a half months in London towards the end of last year. I’m not a great fan of those humongous cities, but all in all I’ve had pretty good time. Unfortunately the industry seemed to be a little bit on hold, when it comes to hiring new people, so I’ve decided to return home for a couple of months. And let’s face it, Winter in Slovakia is way more enjoyable than UK’s festival of slush, failed public transport and general panic falling with the first snow.

Luckily since the new year, work has started pouring in and I’ve spent the first month in Bratislava working with Plaftik on a couple of commercials for T-Com, O2 and Allianz and soon I’ll be heading to Cardiff for 6 weeks in Bait Studio, to prepare pipeline and assets for another TV show. After that there are couple of options where I might end up, some longer term, some shorter, but one thing seems to be certain. 2013 will be one busy year indeed.