Splash 2012

Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Blog
Splash 2012

There are not many occasions where you get to meet friends, have a drink and a good chat and call it a business trip without knowing that you’re lying to yourself once again. Splash conference in Prague (formerly called Maxcon), which took place on 8.-9. September, falls into this category indeed. Two day of talks and workshops about VFX and digital art in general aimed mainly at Czech and Slovak CG community.

I attended the last three year, however this time I was approached by the organisers to prepare a presentation. So I teamed up with Tomas Slancik who I worked with on a few projects over the last year and we put together a talk on Procedural Workflow for VFX. The aim was to explain the concepts and usage of procedural workflow while trying to stay away from being too software specific. Of course as it happens, the hour we had for it, ran a bit faster than usual so we barely managed to fit everything in. Other that that, I’d say it went pretty good. We had a good audience of around 70-80 people so hopefully at lest some of them got what we were trying to get across :).

Splash 2012 was meant to be sort of a fresh start for the Maxcon, since the attendance over the last couple of year seemed to be dropping a bit. It’s a bit soon to tell whether the change of name and ¬†slight broadening of the topics will be a saviour for this great event. But even though there were some missteps with the organisation, in overall I’ve had a very enjoyable weekend and I’m looking forward for next year.

Have a look at how it looked there throughout the conference.